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The GEOSTAR shines brightly, as IS Dam Lining keep ahead of the field.

19 Oct 2015, 13:39

I.S. Dam Lining has upped-the-anti by investing in the latest Leister hot wedge plastic welder. The Geostar G7 is lighter and faster than the rest. Weighing in at 17.7 kg it’s the undefeated champion in its weight class and is redefining hot wedge welding in the civil engineering sector.
“The Leister G7 has been worth waiting for. Light and fast it performs awesomely,” says Andrew Taylor, I.S. Dam Lining Operations Manager. Andrew keeps abreast of the international HDPE technology development and techniques in the plastic welding industry. Upon reading the specification sheet late last year Andrew could see how the GEOSTAR would add to the competitive edge I.S. Dam Lining has in the New Zealand HDPE lining sector. “I thought wow; we just have to have get that,” said Andrew.
“The G7 adds to our arsenal. We’re a highly skilled team, all TWI trained and certified. We’re committed to quality, so use the best product and equipment on the market” adds Andrew.
The mid-sized hot wedge plastic welder boasts a 2800watt turbo motor and an extra large hot wedge (130 x 50mm) that delivers an impressive maximum welding speed of 12 m/min making it one of the quickest welders on the market.
The operating unit has an integrated voltage display allowing technicians to continuously monitor the welding parameters such as joint pressure, speed and hot wedge temperature. “The digital display means we can see how each weld is performing, ensuring consistency across the seam ultimately producing a superior weld,” says Andrew.
Other features that confirmed for Andrew that the GEOSTAR G7 is in fact a star performer is the 80-420 degrees celsius temperature range and ability to weld a variety of geosynthetics including HDPE, PP, LDPE, TPO and FPO 08.8mm – 3.0mm thick.