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Wetlands & Ornamental Ponds

Enhance your environment with a pond or constructed wetland

I.S. Dam Lining provides lining resources for ornamental ponds, constructed wetlands and natural swimming pools.

A constructed wetland is an artificial wetland created as a new habitat for wildlife, for discharge from sources like wastewater, farm runoff, sewage treatment, or land reclamation after mining.

Natural wetlands act as a biofilter, removing sediments and pollutants such as heavy metals from the water, and constructed wetlands can be designed to copy these features.

High quality, flexible geomembrane lining or geosynthetic clay is used for ensuring a contained system for ponds, pools and wetlands, with fusion welding and rigorous testing to ensure a guaranteed leak free result. The liner's flexibility allows us to create ponds and wetlands of any shape or size.

I.S. Dam Lining provides lining expertise to natural swimming pool business, Eden Natural Pools. Adapting European natural pool technologies, Eden Natural Pools uses geomembrane liners to create a contained system. Water is drawn from the pool, filtered, then pumped out through a natural plant and substrate filtering system. Plants act as the "kidneys" of the water body.

Visit Eden Natural Pools www.edenpools.co.nz for more information.

Other applications include:

  • Water Gardens
  • Waterfalls
  • Reflective Ponds
  • Golf Course Lakes
  • Architectural Water Features