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Installation Overview

Our combination of technology, techniques, and methodology ensures a quality result

Our skilled technicians use the latest products, welding techniques, and quality testing to provide assurance your project will be completed on time, to specification, with a guaranteed quality result. IS Dam Lining is committed to maintain a safe work place.

Wedge or fusion welding is recognised as the premier method of joining geomembranes, as each weld can be tested to ensure that a complete and uncompromised seal has been achieved. The process uses heat and pressure to create a double-track weld along the length of overlapping sheets of HDPE.

It is these techniques, combined with daily onsite equipment calibration that enables I.S. Dam Lining to provide you with secure containment solution.

Lining Products
There is a geomembrane liner to suit every project, factoring the size, shape, depth, purpose and terrain.

Advanced welding techniques and rigorous testing guarantees your project will meet its containment requirements.

Quality Assurance
Comprehensive product selection, detailed deployment methodology, stringent testing and documentation ensures quality at every stage of your project.