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Industrial Containment

Meeting environmental needs for commercial, civil and construction sectors

Every year businesses are being scrutinised for their management of liquid storage, recycling, sustainability and the impact these have on the environment. Containment problems are unique to each business; water storage, solid waste, hazardous waste, liquid containment or secondary containment are some of the areas which need addressing.

I.S. Dam Lining are experts, with international experience, in developing containment systems that ensure compliance, mitigate risk and protect the environment. Working with your engineering consultants we can provide the best product to suit each specific project.

We have experience in deploying solutions for:

  • landfills
  • baffle curtains
  • floating covers
  • waste water
  • reservoirs
  • petrochemical containment bunding
  • gas barriers
  • water tanks
  • protection from contaminated subgrade