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Lining Services Overview

High quality geomembrane liners to suit ponds and dams of any size, shape or profile

HDPE liners are custom-made and installed on-site to contain liquid in dams and ponds of any shape or size. High quality geotextiles, geomembranes, fusion welding and workmanship ensure they remain leak free.

Unlike some containment systems, we field test our liners during deployment. We ensure each project is completed with quality assurance documentation, workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

Liners are selected to suit the unique requirements of each job, taking into consideration size, shape, depth, purpose and terrain. Material properties considered include geomembrane density, tensile strength, UV durability and chemical resistance.

Our product selection, deployment methodology, attention to detail, stringent testing and quality assurance documentation allows us to provide you with a 20 year manufacturer warranty on product and five year warranty on installation workmanship.