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01 May 2017, 11:39

I.S. Dam Lining are excited to be apart of this new farming concept: Methane recovery farm officially opens in OtautauRead the NZFarmer article here. 

The 900 cow dairy farm in Southland is turning methane gas collected from its effluent pond into electricity. 

A purpose built floating cover designed, constructed and installed by I.S. Dam Lining Ltd sits over the effluent pond containing the greenhouse gas emissions.  The naturally developing methane gas collects under the HDPE liner cover before being pumped through a generator to create electricity and heat water.

The 80 per cent pure methane is of high quality, therefore burning efficiently and causing less environmental emissions.  So not only is the farm reducing its environmental foot print it is also reducing operational costs through using a by-product as an energy source.

Working smarter and being part of environmentally friendly initiatives are part of the I.S. Dam Lining ethos and we look forward to undertaking more projects of this nature.