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A dam of two halves

The Project:

Water storage pond - Central Otago

IS Dam Lining product/s used:

45,000m2  Welded HDPE (1.5mm) geomembrane

About The Project:

A Central Otago dairy farm conversion required adequate water storage for pasture irrigation during the drier months.  The initial project involved lining a dam at the end of a naturally occurring stream, flooding the down hill valley. 

Following the natural contours of the valley meant minimal earth works were required to shape the pond.  Heavy rollers towed by a tractor were used to compact the existing soil subgrade as the pond base.

Upon filling of the dam it became apparent that soil compaction alone was not sufficient to seal the pond base.  Significant water leakage meant full lining of the storage pond was required.

I.S. Dam Lining lined the base with 45,000 m2 of 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane.  Heat welded seams ensure the integrity of the pond lining, and individual testing of each seam provides assurance to the farmer that this investment is leak free.  

The 4 hectare water storage pond is filled during the autumn and winter, and drawn on over the summer.  By late February the water levels are low, so ballast has been added to weight the textile preventing lifting by the wind.